If you want to sell Mortgage Protection Insurance completely over the phone (and make some great money doing it), you’ll want to watch this video in it’s entirety! I interviewed Moe Biltagi, one of the top Mortgage Protection producers and agency owners in the country, about the best strategies new agents can use to sell mortgage protection completely over the phone! #MortgageProtection #LifeInsurance #InsuranceSales INTRO 00:00 FULL INTERVIEW 01:09 —- ► Need Training? Cody offers private coaching programs, live training, and business retreats. Coaching, University, and Retreats: —- ► Need Leads? We offer leads for Final Expense, Spanish Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Medicare, Life. If you’re just getting started or get additional leads at a great price, we also offer Aged leads. Leads: —- ► Want to attend our next event? Events: —- ► Would you like digital marketing services tailored to the insurance industry? Marketing: —- Thanks for watching this video, please share it with your friends. I enjoy reading comments and answering questions so be sure to leave a comment and… ► Subscribe to My Channel: —- Cody Askins currently owns and operates seven insurance-based companies grossing over $6 million in annual sales. When he was 20-years old, Cody decided to become a full-time insurance agent despite time constraints due to going to college full-time and playing college basketball. Even so, he set a goal to make $100,000 his first year and exceeded this goal within 8 months. Now, his goal is to help train, mentor and motivate insurance agents all over the world to operate at their highest level. To do this, Cody produces Coaching Programs, Insurance Wealth University, Business Retreats, Insurance Leads, Live Events, Live Shows, and Training Videos.

26 thoughts on “How To Earn $15,000 Per Month Selling Mortgage Protection Over The Phone – Life Insurance Training

  1. COVID forced the entire industry to get out of the stone age. Virtual is the future. Awesome interview!

    1. we do Zoom, Phone or F2F It really depends on the Agent, Client and Lead Availability in the agents area

  2. A lot of this is counter intuitive to a lot of other sales training. You’re supposed to match a customers energy not be above them. You’re also supposed to ask questions so that customers discover answers not tell them anything.

    1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from talking to big-time producers in the industry, it’s that everyone has a few things they do that make their process unique to them. There’s not always one perfect way to be great in sales.. But I definitely agree with you about the questions aspect. I love asking questions throughout the sales process to get the customer talking more than I do.

    2. @Cody Askins Moe here, We always train and encourage agents to ask good questions to uncover wants, need and budget. As far as energy levels thats my own option.
      thanks for the comment Ryan

  3. Its funny watching yourself! Really had a blast speaking with you Cody and excited about 8%

    1. This was a great interview.. Appreciate you being a part of 8% as well buddy! 🔥

  4. I wanna learn! I’ve failed trying to sell over the phone, so I’m one of those traveling agents. Hitting him up!

    1. Come to 8% and learn from the best in the business! Moe will be there 💥

  5. Great content boys! YouTube, please fix this video it has a dislike button.

  6. Do you have a top 3 recommended carriers to contract with for MP? (not IMO/FMO

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